Will it be a Good Harvest?

Flaming June what happened to you? To be fair it has not been a bad month, the land looks as though it is gradually recovering, and although as we look around the county there are vast swathes of uncultivated land (those are the bits full of weeds and bare earth) things are not looking too bad. We have, however, noted the lovely poppy fields which are all over the place. This has been caused by the inability to get to the weeds in the autumn, when the land was so wet, and we are now reaping the cost!

The yellow fields are gradually losing their colour as the pods start to gain weight ready for us to harvest the seed within. Will it be a good harvest? Now is the time to start wishing for really good weather for the next month or so! Hay time is upon us again, and despite my best efforts, yes we are going to gather in a crop this year – the first of the stressful times for the farm.

The show season for the rapeseed oil has also arrived and once again we are out and about. This year for the first time we are exhibiting at the Yorkshire Show. Usually we are busy on the farm, but this year we thought we might have time to add it to our calendar. Make sure you pop by to see us.

On a personal note the lounge is now back in working order – not without trauma, and peace is reigning – for the time being at least. I have even bought a swinging hammock for the summer – now that is an omen for bad weather if ever there was one. I wonder if it will be used at all?