Rapeseed Oil Manufacturer

Geoff in Our Tractor Busy Collecting Planting Rape Across our FieldsHere on our farm we like to think that the manufacture of Rapeseed Oil is our way of showcasing all the work we do. We are involved in every aspect of the production from the drilling of the seed through to the pressing and filtering of the oil. As a traditional farm we are proud that we do things with care and thought for you the discerning cook.

To say that our oil is manufactured makes us think of highly technical machinery and lots of processes using chemicals and strange methods, when in fact our process is very simple. Our seed is taken from the store when required and gently squeezed through a press which encourages the oil to seep into the vat where it is filtered to ensure that it is clear, and that is all. Sounds simple doesn’t it – and so it is. The ‘trick’ of producing good oil comes in choosing both the land and the seed variety. You would be surprised how much difference this makes.

Our Combine Harvester Busy Collecting Our Freshly Grown Yorkshire Rape for the Oil ProcessOne of the most important differences with our oil – and what makes it so special, is that we harvest it in a very traditional manner which does not use chemicals. Generally farmers use a glyphosate to kill the crop so that it is all ready for harvest at the same time. We don’t. We swath the crop. This means that we cut it so that it falls in a swath on the stalks, and then it can die naturally. It’s riskier as the rain or wind can shake the seeds out of the pods before we can harvest it, but then farming is always a risk, and we are happier knowing that no chemicals have been on the crop so close to harvest.

The manufacture of our rapeseed oil takes time, from the small table top press we started with, we can now produce well over 1000 litres per day, with room to grow!