Its Harvest!

The combine is out and we are ready to move!  Final checks have been done to make sure nothing needs attention before we start – there is no rain on the horizon and the moisture content of the seed is just right.  (We need the seed to be dry so that we do not have to incur extra drying costs).  Last week we swathed the rape so that all the seeds were ready to harvest at the same time and today we are off to combine it all. At long last we will be able to see whether we will have a good harvest after the horrendous planting season.  We know that the yield will not be as good as normal, but we hope it will not be too low and hopefully we will not be harvesting until too late into the night – but it is such a relief to be actually starting the season.  Winter Barley looks as though that will be next, and we already know that the seed is a bit ‘thin’ this year, which means it may not be able to go for malting  so we will not be able to collect a price premium.  The knock on effect of the bad weather last year is only now coming to a conclusion.