First Signs of Spring

The first signs of Spring are here! We can see signs of growth in the field! The tractors are all racing up and down the fields with drills attached, rollers are ponderously throwing up clouds of dust – yes dust- as they press the seeds into the ground. (There is nothing like seeing the next door neighbour in his field to make sure you get into yours). There is great activity on all sides. Even the lake –sorry wheat field, where the swans have taken up residency is still there, but decreasing in size daily. The wheat will never recover, but at least we can see bare earth in places! All we need now is heat and sunshine and Spring will have definitely sprung.

Talking of springing, we had a bit of a disaster over Easter when the lounge ceiling fell in, fortunately just before the visitors arrived, but it was an interesting situation none the less. We are now waiting for Insurance Assessors, builders and plasterers, then decorators. I wonder if now is the time to talk about the new gas fire? Perhaps I should leave it a couple of days until the drilling is finished!

In the meantime I will get ready for our next show – Leyburn. Looking forward to catching up with you all there and filling you in on the latest ups and downs!