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A healthier you long term with YORS – Yorkshire Original Rapeseed Oil …

healthier you with YORS rapeseed oils

2018 healthy you with YORS

Make the long term lifestyle switch to a healthier you with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil…

We’re here to help you make the healthy lifestyle change to rapeseed oil that can be sustained in 2018 – not just for the short lived New Year’s resolution.

If you’ve just bought the latest fitness dvd, joined a gym or signed up to a diet program in a fit of conscience after the festive indulgence, then consider a long term switch to rapeseed oil based products because of their health benefits and nutritional make-up.

Our cold pressed extra virgin Yorkshire rapeseed oil is harvested without chemicals and retains all the nutritional goodness from pressing from field to the bottle.

As well as being 100% natural and chemical-free, rapeseed oil boasts:

  • Half the saturated fat of olive oil
  • High in essential oils from omega 3, 6 and 9
  • A rich source of Vitamin E
  • High in healthier monounsaturated fats
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels
  • Retains all natural nutrients with its high smoking point
  • Contains no artificial preservatives and is trans-fat and GM free.If you still need convincing, then not only are our oils extremely good for you, they also taste great too! In 2017 we have been working hard to expand both our product range and the relationships with nationwide distributors to ensure they are even more accessible throughout the UK. Customers can look after their family’s health.

Currently available in Supermarkets and Wholesalers across the UK. Please contact us on 01937 572084 to find out more or click here.

We wish you all the best for the New Year and look forward to sharing with you some more on our exciting news later this month!