Booths stock YORS

You can get YORS at Booths !

Yorkshire Original (YORS) Rapeseed Oils and Dressings are available at Booths Supermarkets!

Our Great Taste Award Winning Original Rapeseed Oil offers oodles of delicious and nutritious benefits including:

  • Up to 50% less saturated fat than other culinary oil
  • Less monosaturated fat than olive oil, but a bigger proportion of polyunsaturated fat
  • High in vitamin E and many other beneficial nutrients
  • Has a higher smoke point than other oils of up to 230oC
  • Extra Virgin and cold pressed only once avoiding use of chemicals

Booths stock four of our delicious salad dressings:

  • Summer herb
  • Chilli ginger and spiced orange
  • Sweet apple
  • Honey, mustard and elderflower

Add a splash to a sandwich or a salad!

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