A healthy 2020 for you and Yors!

Yorkshire’s Original Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – known as ‘YORS’ – has been grown, pressed and bottled on Lilac farm in North Yorkshire since 2006, has half the saturated fat of any other culinary oil as well as a multitude of nutrients including essential Omega 3.

It can be heated to 220oC, the highest smoke point of any cooking oil, and so does not burn or release cancer causing carcinogens ensuring perfect crispy roast potatoes.

You can roast, but bake, grill, BBQ, dip or drizzle making it a truly versatile oil for use with any meal, especially for those slimming salads and low fat recipes after Christmas when we’re trying to keep those New Years’ resolutions to be healthier, following the festive period.

Need more convincing?

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It’s available from leading retailers throughout the UK including Morrisons, Booths and Waitrose.

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